My mom’s house is undergoing a purge as she prepares to move into a smaller place, which leads to lots of old cards, letters, and other knick-knacks coming my way. The most interesting item to resurface – the many short stories and “novels” I wrote in elementary and middle school.

And lucky for you, I’m here to share one of my favorites. Based on my faulty memory, I was about 12 years old (2002) when I wrote this.

I have edited nothing, with the exception of adding some paragraph breaks to make it easier to read. This was originally written as one, three-page long paragraph. Single-spaced. It causes me physical pain to not change the spelling and grammar mistakes, but I think you all deserve an honest experience.

Demon Princess Warrior

As Angel woke up the next morning she noticed that her sister was gone. Where could she be Angel asked herself. I looked everywhere, she’s probably just wondering around in the Dragon Forest. I guess I’ll go to the Demon Tavern and hang out with Sabrina. Sabrina was a demon but she was really nice.

As Angel was walking to the tavern she noticed a movement among the bushes. “I wonder what that could be”, Angel said.

When she walked over there she was frightened by a baby demon looking for his mother. As soon as he saw Angel he flew away. When Angel got to the Demon Tavern she looked around suspiciously. Everyone was quiet whenever she walked in; usually it was loud as ever.

“What’s wrong”, Angel asked Sabrina.

“Well we kind of kidnapped your sister last night”, Sabrina replied.

“Why would you do that”, Angel asked.

“Well she was interfering with your future” Sabrina said.

“How was she doing that” Angel asked.

“She was a demon slayer and we didn’t want you to become one to” Sabrina replied.

“I would never hurt a demon is my life”, Angel declared.

“Well there’s no turning back now”, Sabrina stated.

“What do I have to do to get her back”, Angel questioned.

“You have to go to the Dragon’s Layer and rescue her”, Sabrina stated.

“Well I guess I better get going if I’m ever going to get there this century”, Angel exclaimed!

“Yes you might, well I guess this is good bye”, Sabrina said sadly.

“I will be back someday and you can count on it”, Angel stated.

After that was said everyone cheered for Angel.

As Angel was walking home she noticed that someone was following her and when she turned around she noticed that it was the Demon King.

“Why hello are you the king of demons”, Angel asked?

“Why yes I am and you must be Angel”, the Demon King replied.

“How on earth did you know my name”, Angel asked?

“Why you are the princess of demons how else would I know”, the Demon King replied.

“Really do you mean it oh my goodness”, Angel exclaimed!!!

“I have been waiting many years for you to come”, the King said.

“I must go home and tell mother”, Angel proclaimed!

“I’m afraid I have some disturbing news Angel, for your mother has been killed”, the King said sadly. Angel began to weep as if nothing else in the world mattered.

“Oh but why she has done nothing to anyone”, Angel said sadly.

“Oh but she has kept this secret from you for years”, the King explained.

“I will miss her”, Angel said.

“Well I must be on my way”, the King said. After that was said Angel went back to her home to prepare for her long journey.

When she started off she noticed that she was beginning to feel more like a warrior that a princess. What should I do she thought to herself. I could go to the King and ask him what to do, ya that’s a good idea I’m going to go to the King. So she went to the King to ask him what to do and his response was,” my child you were chosen specifically by the head ruler of the demon me.” Well she thought I guess I can be a princess.

So as she was riding she came upon a pack of elves.

“Why hello”, Angel exclaimed.

“Hello”, the elves chanted together. “Where are you going”, the elves questioned.

“I am an my way to rescue my sister Cimi (a.k.a. Crystal) from the dragons”, Angel replied.

“Why may we come with you Cimi is our friend”, the elves asked.

“Why sure you may I don’t see a problem with that”, Angel replied.

“Why thank you we can stay at our house for the night then leave in the morning”, the lead elf proclaimed.

“Why that would be lovely”, Angel exclaimed. So they were off to the elves house to stay the night. When they awoke the next morning the elves had the horses packed and ready to go.

The end.

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