Book Review – The Invention of Sound by Chuck Palahniuk

Genre: Fiction; Horror Rating: 3.5 / 5 I have complicated feelings about Chuck Palahniuk’s The Invention of Sound, so I’m going to do this review in two parts – the good and the frustrating. My younger self would be appalled that this review isn’t a glowing adoration of Palahniuk’s talent and skill. Until this week, […]

An Interview with Francis Chapman, Author of Book of Yeshua

I started the Disappear Here Book Blog to highlight books I’m reading, discuss my thoughts on various elements of literature, and lift up authors (both established and new). In an effort to move forward with the third goal, I am kicking off a Question & Answer series with authors, whether it’s their first book or […]

My Favorite Pick-up Lines

Recently, while scrolling Bookstagram, I came across this question – “How do you typically decide which book you are going to buy next?” Whether the cover catches my eye or the bookstore has recommendations worked into the book display – I always open to the first page and read.  I want to get a sense […]

Book Review – Betty by Tiffany McDaniel

Genre: Fiction Rating: 5 / 5 Note: There are NO spoilers in this review. When discussing in the comments, please provide a spoiler warning if needed.  A simple review wasn’t enough for this one. Betty needs her own playlist, which you can find here on my Spotify.  Reading the novel Betty by Tiffany McDaniel is […]

The Foundation

A good friend of mine made a recommendation that a good way to start this blog would be to let you know what my favorite novels are – a way to share what has inspired me the most. The books below shaped my viewpoints of the world, myself, and everyone around me and provided such […]

Spooky Szn Recommendations – True Crime Edition

**TRIGGER WARNING** All books discussed below contain stories and descriptions of murder, violence, sexual assault, among other disturbing material. Please be kind to yourself and your experiences before deciding to dive into anything listed below.  All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, and while I’m not a reader of horror, I do have another … obsession […]

Book Review – Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Young Adult; Fantasy Rating: 4 / 5  SPOILER ALERT! If you have somehow made it through the past 15 years without reading or watching anything Twilight-related, there are spoilers below.  I need to be honest up front – I am an OBSESSIVE Twilight fan and I go very hard for Team Edward. It’s been […]

Book Review – The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell

Genre: Young Adult; Sci-Fi; Fantasy Rating: 4.5 / 5 Note: There are NO spoilers in this review. When discussing in the comments, please provide a spoiler warning if needed. I consume a lot of fantasy and sci-fi literature, movies, television shows, and video games. While I love a good sappy sparkly vampire story, it’s rare […]

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