Genre: Poetry

Rating: 5 / 5

I’ve been a fan of Rupi Kaur for years. I was first introduced to her when my husband and I decided to read her debut book Milk and Honey together. We sat in bed for two nights in a row reading poetry aloud. Reading Rupi Kaur’s poetry is an intense experience when you do it alone, and it’s even more powerful when you share the moment with another person.

For me, it was like someone finally was able to verbalize things I have been through. For my husband, he said it was moving to hear a woman’s perspective, especially one with such writing talent as Rupi Kaur. 

One poem in the book Milk and Honey inspired the tattoo I have on my left arm. While not a direct replica of the art in the book, it was the foundation of the final product. 

I read Home Body in an airport/on an airplane, so the experience was a bit different than my reading of Milk and Honey. But the power and raw emotion behind Rupi Kaur’s words were not dimmed. I read through the book in about an hour and spent the next hour flipping through and re-reading poems that really struck me. 

At one point I found myself holding back tears. 

If you are a woman, man, young, or old – you need to read everything Rupi Kaur has ever written. She will find a way into your soul. 

Instead of a standard review, I am going to share a few of my favorites from Home Body and hope you take the time to go read the entire book. 

The poem above covers one of the lighter topics in the book, but it really struck a chord with me. Throughout high school and college I had such a solid group of friends (and still do). We did everything together. It was rare for me to go a day without seeing my best friend. 

Now, here I am, with my overly demanding job, a wife, almost a mother of two, living hundreds of miles from the people I have selected as family. It’s hard. 

I’m good at being alone, and my husband and I are such a strong team. But I often find myself missing my best friends. The laughter, love, and fun we always had – whether we were at the grocery store, sitting at home, or out with a large group of friends – we always had a smile on our faces.

They know who they are – I love you. 

The other day I was staring at myself in the mirror, and all of the sudden I started to cry and laugh. The woman I was looking at, she amazed me. I thought she was beautiful and strong. 

As I continue the journey into my thirties, there is so much focus on “looking young.” My friends are visiting the doctor for botox or plastic surgery. We are all fighting to hold onto our youth. 

But here I was (no botox – no plastic surgery), looking at this woman with a swollen, pregnant belly, arms her younger self would have fainted over (because they aren’t perfect), and laugh lines all around my eyes. It was a magical feeling – falling in love with myself.

My body has done so much for me. It has carried me through trauma, given me one (almost two) perfect children, shown me pleasure, and fought through pain. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t love this body with every part of my heart and soul? 

This poem, along with a few others in the book, brought me back to that moment. It was a sacred experience I hope I never forget. 

These are just two poems selected out of one of the most powerful books I have ever consumed. Please pick up a copy and experience it for yourself whenever you have the chance.

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